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Brown women, you’re beautiful. Just because you dont see your skin tone in media as often as you should…know you are beautiful. Just because when you do your skin tone, you see over sexualized and mysoginistic images…know you are queens. Kinky hair? Queen. Round derriรจre…Queen. Your skin tone much like your beauty is rich, deep, soft and wonderful. Come back to this anytime you forget. Men…if you come across something like this…know you are dealing with a queen. Act accordingly or get the fuck out of the castle.
#heavyisthehead ๐Ÿ‘‘

Woah. Heavy. Vintage photo of The #KingAdrock in front of a #BeastieBoys throw up. Damn. I have never seen this photo before. My heart is exploding !! #Graffiti #HipHop #RIPMCA

#DirectorsOfPhotography. I have never seen/heard an album more perfectly put together than this. Lyrically - their best work yet. Production - set a new standard. Visuals - fantastic and so well thought out. This is on repeat. But this is an #InstantClassic! Thank you @dilatedpeoples | @evidence, @djbabuforeal, @therealrakaa! Oh and props the #Detroit fam @tristaneaton for the slick creative direction on this! LOVE it all. #DilatedPeoples #DJBabu #RakaaIriscience #Evidence - The Kings.